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For over 52 years I was married to a cute little Colorado girl named Amy Kay, one of the most beautiful and lovely ladies God ever created. Amy and I met atRon & Amy on their wedding day Nebraska Christian College in 1962 and were married on Sunday, August 4, 1963. I was 19-years-old, and she was 18. Going against all the odds, our teenage marriage worked out just fine, and we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary exactly 50 years later on Sunday, August 4, 2013. 

Throughout our years together we went many places and did a variety of things. Amy often pointed out that over the
years we lived in several different states and three foreign countries. The three foreign countries she referred to were Zambia, Texas, and Wyoming!

For our last years together we lived in the state where we were married - Colorado.

Our ministry started in earnest at Capitol City Christian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a Bible College senior, I had the privilege of preaching every Sunday for several months as a brave band of dedicated Christians birthed the church. It has grown into one of the best churches in Nebraska. Amy and I were humbled to have had a small part in its inception. 

We have visited over twenty countries on four continents, have traveled in all but three states, have met two presidents (Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Gerald Ford in his home in Beaver Creek, Colorado). We dined with ambassadors, media personalities, politicians, and celebrities. We also ate mealie meal with impoverished African villagers who treated us with as much courtesy and cordiality (and often much more) than some of those well-known big-shots. 

Through it all, we stayed together - whether rich or poor, sick or healthy and in good times and bad. We lived in big cities and small towns, spacious homes, and grass huts, but always we lived together, and that's what made life good no matter how bad it was.

We have three grown children and seven grandchildren. David lives with his family in Loveland, Colorado, Jennifer lives with her husband in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and Mike lives with his family in Leesburg, Florida.

In 2009 we sold the publishing business we owned and operated for nearly 14 years. For a while, we wondered what we would do next. Then we were invited to live in a magnificent estate located in Point Loma (San Diego), California. We accepted the invitation and lived there for nine months - it was sort of like living in the Garden of Eden with beauty everywhere. It was situated about seven blocks from the sea in two directions, and the main house had a magnificent view of San Diego Bay. In exchange for our living quarters, we cared for two wonderful dogs, two interesting parrots, one cat and three large aquariums filled with exotic fish. We also provided security simply by living on the estate as the owners traveled frequently. 

I always had a deep desire to be used of God no matter where we lived or what I was doing. When we moved to San Diego, I was blessed with an opportunity to do some consulting work for the Chinese Community Church. The assignment was to assess the church and then make recommendations for their future. We held many focus groups, visited with staff and volunteers, then presented them with our report. Many of our recommendations were implemented, and we hear good reports from the church. What Amy and I liked about it was that we worked together on it and it tapped into our spiritual gifts.

While in San Diego I was re-hired as a consultant with Tidbits Media, Inc. of Montgomery, AL. I provide sales training and other services for the company. This proved to be a good move because our assignment at the estate came to a sudden halt when the owners decided to sell and wanted us to move. 

Because of our relationship with Tidbits Media, they told us Weld County Colorado was available for a Tidbits paper. We purchased the area and moved to northern Colorado where we now publish Tidbits of Greeley/Centerra/Loveland. You can read our paper online at Tidbits.buzz.

A few years ago Colorado's oldest radio station, 1310KFKA, invited me to host a weekly radio show called Tidbits Radio. It is fun to do and gives me another way to promote our paper and expand our brand.

A few years ago I developed an interest in citizen journalism and co-authored a book about it, Handbook for Citizen Journalists. The book is out of print.

I frequently blog on inspirational and motivational themes at RonRossToday.com

I recently updated a book I wrote and published in the 1980s. The contents of the original book came as I prepared to do a video and audio recording of my parent's life. The net result is a three and a half hour video of Mom and Dad telling a variety of stories about their lives. The book is titled, How To Record Your Family History. You can read about it on the website, RecordYourFamilyHistory.com

For years I wrote a weekly special feature for Tidbits that was twenty trivia questions and answers I now call Trivia Pop Quiz. I assembled the quizzes into book form, and it is available to download to your iPhone, Tablet or computer. 

Other books I've written are, Keep Mama Happy, The Seven Assumptions of Marriage, and Confidence When You Need it the Most. Others are in the works.

Tragedy struck in late June of 2015 when doctors diagnosed Amy with a serious form of brain cancer. In late June of 2015, she had brain surgery which, according to the doctors, was not a curative process but could produce a few additional months of life for her. She had the surgery and responded remarkably well. However, what her doctor told us came true; her life, she did live a few more months, but the cancer ultimately had its way. She lost the battle with brain cancer on December 4, 2015, and a Celebration of Life was held in her honor on December 19, 2015, at Foundations Church in Loveland, Colorado. 


Karey, Mike, Amy, Ron, David, Kathy
Taken at our 50th Wedding Anniversary

Back Row: David, his wife Kathy and daughter Brittany, Karey and Mike (2004)

Jennifer, not present for the above photo, is pictured below.

Ron - at a recent Your Marriage Matters Seminar
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