Dr. Ron Ross
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Ron's Fascinating Links

My most recent book: It's About Us! Marriage: What we do to get what we want for each other

RonRossToday.com is where I post my columns that are published in several Tidbits and other newspapers every week. 

HeartfeltMarriage.com is Ron's current ministry. There are over 90 podcasts available on this site.

Seven Assumptions About Marriage - Ron's book for sale on Amazon.com

RecordYourFamilyHistory.com is all about my book, How to Record Your Family History which is available on Amazon.com.

ConfidenceWhenYouNeedIt.com is the website to review Ron's book, Confidence When You Need It the Most.

TriviaPopQuiz.com will tell you about my book, Trivia Pop Quiz, which is a compilation of 70 Trivia Pop Quizzes I wrote for publishing in Tidbits. It is for sale on Amazon.com.

YouTube.com/ronalddross - Most of my Motivation Moment Videos are posted here

Tidbits.buzz is where you can read Tidbits online.

TrustTidbits.com is the website for our paper, Tidbits of Greeley, Centerra & Loveland

Capitol City Christian Church - the website where Ron & Amy started in ministry the same year they were married - 1964
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